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Anti - Livestock Theft   - gejoMicroInsure utilises a passive RFID in the form of an extremely durable ceramic bolus which is resistant to gastric juices of  the  animals. The application of this
device is oral and it is kept in the reticulum or second stomach of the ruminant. It is used for cattle, adult sheep and goats.

gejoMicroInsure is integrating the bolus system with satellite tracking technology using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS). This will provide a colossal
tool in an effort to eliminate the cross-border cattle rustling menace. Livestock would not only be individually and digitally identified but would also be traced to ascertain where it is at a given
point in time.

Livestock Lifecycle Tracking
The gejoAnimal Identification and Tracking (G.A.I.T.) uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, to increase the management accuracy by giving each animal a unique identification
number. The tagged cattle’s information is collected and tracked in real time by G.A.I.T.

"Pasture to Plate"
Consumers in countries that import minimally processed, natural grass - fed beef  from Africa without additions of artificial ingredients, preservatives or colour get the  exact historic
information about the quality, safety, environmental impact, human health and animal welfare aspects of the beef on their plate.

The G.A.I.T. system helps to track the growth rates and healthcare  of livestock by recording individual animals which improves farmer revenue and reduces theft and loss.
Unpredictable Weather, Predictable Insurance